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After 20 years of presence in the area of trade and distributions, the company provides important services in its customers helping them to feel more comfortable.

  •  Itineraries in all the regions of Prefecture Kilkis and in the outskirts
  •  Visit of salesman of company in the point of sale (reception of order) and after 1 until 2 days visit of driver (delivery of order)
  •  Irreproachable and fast distribution
  •  Flexible schedules of operation of the company that serve all the customers
  •  Use of operator that receives automatically the orders for the next day immediately when the company closes
  •  Sale and pricing on car in certain products
  •  Telephone centre that receives orders from the customers, facilitating them to remain in their region and to be served faster
  •  Service of technician for any problems that are presented in the refrigerators of customers with economic encumbrance of the company



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