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The company following the course of events and based on the strategies which were followed on years that passed will continue providing as much as possible better quality products and services. With the purchase of modern instruments for product packaging, it will improve the packaging of orders, will educate existing personnel for better effectiveness, will upgrade the network of distributions and reduce the errors that were presented in the past accelerating the process of order reception and their implementation.

On the future plans of the company, we look forward to further invest on the fields of frozen products, analytically, the preoccupation with sea food and pies.

Moreover, the main objective of the company constitutes on the continuous search for new customers and new occasions inside and out of the prefecture. The most accessible markets for the prefecture of Kilkis are the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Serres and Pella.

Still a sector that will occupy the company in the following years will be the sector of imports. That is importing products relative with our subject, having neighbouring Italy as a candidate country for this aim.



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