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The company Ikaros Distributions - A. Kostidis & Co Ltd. was founded in 1989 in Kilkis. It began as a small company that initially functioned as a sales-branch station of cigarettes/tobacco and other products. In the years that followed, the company invested in a wider range of goods and upgraded the distribution network in the prefecture of Kilkis. Moreover, the last years and after permanent competition the company accomplished to consolidate it’s position as the biggest trade and distribution company the prefecture of Kilkis, possessing a enormous variety of products and services. In the plan that follows, the main periods of this evolutionary course appear as well as the most important events that contributed in it.

1984 - 1986  The company, in it’s first offices in a small shop on 71 st “21st June” Str. in Kilkis, begins initially it’s operation with few customers.

1986 - 1990  After two years, Ikaros Distributions moved it’s headquarters on 12 th Athinon Str. continuing ascendantly it’s course in the area of distributions. The most important fact that occurred during this period was the collaboration with the Co-operative Greek Tobacco industry (SEKAP) and the agreement of exclusive product disposal of this company on the prefecture of Kilkis from Ikaros.

1990 - 1994  The period in which our activities have a tendency to extend, the headquarters move on 37 th N.Panagiotou Str. and engaged four more employees in the existing staff. The staff increase can be explained by the undertaking of the exclusive product disposal of the Imperial Tobacco products in the prefecture of Kilkis by Ikaros Distributions.

1994 - 1998  The headquarters of the company are moved again on 11 th Ag. Georgiou Str., in a bigger plant in order to cover the needs with 8 members staff.

1998 - 2004  The number of the customers and network of distributions are extended at a very fast rate forcing the company to move in bigger plant of about 1,200 sq. This time the staff reaches up to15 individuals and the agreements for exclusive collaborations with big companies are intensified. Analytically, the companies and the chronology are the following:

  • 2000 – Konservopoiia Voreiou Aigaiou S.A.
  • 2000 – AVEZ S.A (pasta)
  • 2000 – Chitos S.A (ΖΑGORI Water)
  • 2000 – Delta Ice-Cream S.A
  • 2001 – Tasty Foods S.A
  • 2001 – Tobacco Corporation Κeranis
  • 2002 – Βingo ( Tottis)
  • 2002 – Kliafa S.A
  • 2004 – Alantida (frozen sea food)

2004 - 2005  The company,after 20 years of constant effort, is established as the leader in the wholesale field in the limits of the Kilkis prefecture, extending it’s activities in the surrounding prefectures of Serres, Thessalonica and Pella. With a number of customers that exceed 1,200 individuals and a number of staff that reaches up to 25 employees, the headquarters moved this time in a private owned plant of about 3000 sq. in the New Western Regional Road of Kilkis.



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